New Language Coming For Trailblazer Redetermination, Reopening Letters

Trailblazer has announced that they are changing some of the language regarding appeal rights if the provider is not satisfied with the results of the determination.  This is not a substantive change, but may change the look of these letters so it make sense to pay attention to the letters, at least for the next few months.  The text of the notice is after the jump.

Change to Part B Redetermination, Reopening and Written Inquiry Response Letters

Beginning in mid-June 2011, changes will be made to the Part B redetermination, reopening and written inquiry response letters. These letters include standard language notifying providers of their appeal rights if they are dissatisfied with a redetermination or decision.

Currently, the appeal language is printed on the back of every page of the letters. Beginning in mid-June 2011, the standard appeal language will only print on the back of page 1. It is very important that providers review both the front and back of each page of the letter to ensure they don’t inadvertently miss important information regarding TrailBlazer’s decision.

The Part B redetermination, reopening and written inquiry response letters will continue to clearly provide the standard appeal language; however, this change will reduce the number of pages in the letters as well as decrease costs associated with printing and mailing.

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