Police Help Firefighters Rescue Children

Lest people think I am anti-police (based on the last post), I bring you this story about the men in (darker) blue (at least in Houston) doing the right thing:

Cops on patrol help firefighters rescue kids from burning house

For some Houston police officers, their Thursday night patrol shift was anything but routine.

They ended up discovering a house on fire near downtown and helped rescue the people in it, including a teenage girl they pulled out a window, KTRK-TV is reporting.

Fire officials say around 11:30pm, an HPD unit was driving around McGowen and Sampson when one officer noticed smoke and fire coming from the home. He stopped and called the fire department.

Before firefighters could arrive, he and his fellow officer realized six people, including five children, were trapped inside the home with burglar bars on it.

The officers yanked the burglar bars off and pulled the teen to safety, according to KTRK. The others in the home were able to escape. All five children were treated at the hospital, one for second-degree burns and the other four for smoke inhalation, KTRK reported.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the blaze, the station said.

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