From Trailblazer – Submitting Medical Records on CD/DVD

Trailblazer is making at least a small move to kill a few less trees this year – they are accepting supporting documentation on a CD or DVD disk.  There are some formatting requirements (see the link below to the jobaid for the procedure from Trailblazer), so pay attention to the requirements. The text of the notice is after the jump.

Link for the jobaid


New Process – Submitting Medical Records Documentation Via CD/DVD

Date: (6/7/2012)
Notice ID: 14975
Effective June 15, 2012, a new process will be implemented for medical records documentation submitted via CD/DVD.

Providers should refer to the Submitting Medical Records Documentation Via CD/DVD ”PDF job aid for detailed instructions on what information is needed as well as the required format. Following these instructions will ensure the CD/DVD is accepted by TrailBlazer. Medical records received via CD/DVD that are not submitted as instructed will be rejected.

The instructions provide information regarding the following important changes:

  • Format of the images, medical records and metadata spreadsheet.
  • Naming convention for medical records and images.
  • How to complete the metadata spreadsheet.
  • Example of a completed metadata file.
  • Encryption requirements.

This content pertains to…

Programs: Part A,Part B
Topics: Appeals, Claims Information, Education, Medical Review
Subtopics: Medical Record Submission, Redeterminations

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