Trailblazer-Novartis Transition News: EFT Enrollees Need to Pay Attention to Mail to Avoid Payment Issues

Novartis has circulated an email warning Medicare providers in the MAC regions currently covered by Trailblazer that they need to pay attention to the mail regarding an issue with Electronic Funds Transfer.  Apparently, Novartis is required to obtain updated Authorization Agreements for EFT’s during the transition, and if they don’t receive one, there may be a disruption in payments. This action alert does not require a new enrollment package, just the form in the link above. And I think many (former) Ambulance providers can attest to what a disruption in EFT payments can do to a business that depends on the cash flow.  The text of the email is after the jump:

JH Implementation Alert


If you are currently enrolled for EFT with TrailBlazer Health Enterprises (TrailBlazer), be on the lookout for a letter from Novitas Solutions, Inc. requesting a CMS-588 EFT Authorization Agreement (“Agreement”).  Please read this letter carefully for instructions for completing and sending the Agreement.  Novitas Solutions is required to obtain a new Agreement in conjunction with the MAC JH transition to continue issuing EFT payments post-cutover.  The cutover dates for these segments are October 29, 2012 for Part A providers and November 19, 2012 for Part B providers.  Failure to complete and submit the Agreement may result in a delay or interruption of your Medicare payments.

NOTE: You are not required to complete a CMS-855 Enrollment form as part of this process.

Should you have questions or need assistance, see our JH transition website or call us at 1-877-235-8073.  Please be sure to identify yourself as a JH provider to expedite the handling of your call.

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