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New Language Coming For Trailblazer Redetermination, Reopening Letters

Trailblazer has announced that they are changing some of the language regarding appeal rights if the provider is not satisfied with the results of the determination.  This is not a substantive change, but may change the look of these letters so it make sense to pay attention to the letters, at least for the next ...

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Predictive Modeling Software and Healthcare Reimbursement: Coming Soon to a Medicare Contractor Near You

Jim Landers, a columnist with the Dallas Morning News who writes extensively on Medicare, recently wrote about this in a column (link here, but it is behind their paywall). Though this is really not a surprise to anyone following Medicare, PPACA (Obamacare) and the Medicare ZPIC and RAC contractors, CMS is rolling out Predictive ...

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Trailblazer/CMS Notices: Certification of Coverage for Ambulance Transportation – September 2, 2010

Trailblazer has published this notice in September, 2010: This article is primarily intended for physicians who certify Medicare coverage for ambulance transportation, though the underlying message is applicable to all physicians who order and certify other services for Medicare payment. Understanding Medicare requirements for payment and certification of ambulance transportation is ...

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